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Social Media Marketing

If you currently have active campaigns running and are looking to improve your results, or if you haven’t started advertising on social networks yet, I can help you by managing your campaigns as a dedicated campaign manager. I currently am in charge of more than $2M+ per month across multiple accounts from around the globe.

I’ve directly managed more than $150,000,000 on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Google and YouTube over the last 12 years and worked with all major industries. My fees are standardized based on your ad spend, which means that I charge a small percentage based on your monthly spend. The more you spend per month, the lower the percentage is.

Because of my belief that every partnership needs to be beneficial to all parties in order to succeed, I never make client sign any contracts and there are never any strings attached. I find it outrageous that marketing companies require businesses to sign long-term contracts while making unrealistic promises just to squeeze out as much money as they possibly can. If my service has no added value to your business, I don’t charge for it. That’s why, in the 12 years I managed campaigns, I never signed a single contract.


Everything is month-to-month from day one.

Because of time limitations, the accounts that I currently take on are $30,000 minimum advertising spend per month. If you need help and are a startup or want to experiment with a smaller budget, I suggest that you contact me about my consultation services or my one-on-one services.

> More Info on Consultation Services
> More Info on One-On-One.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to contact me about social media campaign management, fill out the form below!

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