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Is your business worth more?
Try ADM with Jason.

Active Dynamic Marketing isn't just a method; it's a harmonious alignment with your business that drives unprecedented brand growth.

Imagine marketing without limits, ensuring every dollar you invest in advertising yields maximum returns. Experience this transformative approach risk-free for 30 days (for qualified businesses) and see unmatched results.

Jason Burlin - Marketing coach

Why businesses like you made the switch

"Jason is the GOD of marketing"

Jason has steered our brand's growth from $0 to becoming the top name in our sector. He and his team transformed our dream into a formidable empire.

Amir Kourine of Fresh Hoods

Amir Kourine

CEO and Founder,

Fresh Hoods

"Better than outsourcing or hiring in-house."

The approach is different from everything I've experienced working with marketers. Your success is his success, and the results he's driven have helped us take our business to heights we never thought possible.

Kale Abe of My Mood AI

Kale Abe

Founder & CEO,

My Mood AI

Limitless, Customizable. Extremely Effective. 

Active Dynamic Marketing transforms how you approach business marketing.

Different marketing platforms

Ads Without Boundaries; Platforms without Limits.

We create top-notch marketing campaigns to get the best results. Whether it's one ad or a plan across many ad platforms, we can handle it all.

Built to Collaborate and Lead.

Our methods easily fit with your team, but we can also lead your projects. Whether it's buying ads on one platform or managing all your marketing, we've got your back.


Comprehensive Marketing Solutions. Our vast arsenal of tools and resources empowers us to drive results across diverse media platforms.

Beyond Traditional Reporting.

Say goodbye to mundane monthly reports. We offer dynamic, on-the-spot marketing insights, focusing on real-time data that truly counts.

Genuine Human Interaction.

Skip the support desks and limited hours. We value direct communication. When you collaborate with us, you're connecting directly with Jason – it's like working with a trusted business partner.

Revenue and profits in Google Analytics

Dramatically Improve Your Revenue & Profits

Rely on data-driven insights paired with human recommendations. Let the data guide your path, as we meticulously craft and refine the ultimate marketing strategy. Utilizing cutting-edge analytics technology, we gain comprehensive insights into what truly drives results. Our tailored reporting provides a bridge, empowering your business with deeper understanding and achieving superior outcomes.

Shown a happy girl holding a mobile phone

Results that drive genuine growth, not just superficial metrics.

  • Drive real revenue growth (not just ROAS)

  • Enhance customer retention rates.

  • Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers.

  • Optimize efficiency across various ad platforms.

Achieve growth today, and captivate the customers of tomorrow.

  • Focus on performance ads, not just brand awareness.

  • Implement marketing strategies that elevate the brand's authority and recognition.

  • Discover top-performing and emerging markets.

Performance ads
Marketing platforms

Experience boundless marketing and forge a dynamic, lasting partnership with Jason.

Unlock the ultimate toolkit for your marketing success. Experience a holistic approach that spans all platforms, ad types, and strategies. And best of all - Absolute freedom with no binding contracts or limitations.

What Makes the Difference?

Unconventional Marketing, Mind-Blowing Results.

Partner-like Collaboration

Partner-Like Collaboration

You aren't just hiring a marketer or a freelancer. My involvement is crafted to offer you complete control over your current marketing, enabling optimal growth and ensuring you get the best return for every dollar spent.

Active Communications

Active Communications

No one appreciates tedious assignments or lengthy PDF reports that consume time. Communication is real-time, tailored to your preferences, ensuring maximum impact for your business.

Unlimited Ads, Unlimited Potential

Unlimited Ads, Unlimited Potential

The proactive, dynamic approach places your business needs at the forefront. The program's cost is tied to your marketing expenditure, not determined by the number of marketing channels or ads in play.

Top Performance Across All Marketing Channels

Top Performance Across All Marketing Channels

My grasp of online advertising and contemporary marketing isn't confined to just one platform. Be it direct search or social media, you're assured the best return for every dollar across all marketing channels.

No Additional Tech or Third-Party Tools Required

No Additional Tech or Third-Party Tools Required

There's no need for other costly software, tools, or alternative marketing solutions. This program is tailored to fulfill all your marketing needs.

Experience You Can Rely On

Experience You Can Rely On

Over the past 15 years as a marketer, I've managed over $150M in advertising spend and collaborated with more than 500 brands spanning all major industries. Moreover, I've developed in-house analytics and data-prediction tools that empowered me to craft some of the most influential campaigns on social media.

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Featured Books on Amazon

Discover my insights on contemporary marketing through the books I've authored.


Book your FREE call with me and let's discuss your business.

Schedule a FREE consultation with me, and let's explore the potential of your business.

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